Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lost - 1x15 "Homecoming"

Or, Oh god, amnesia.

For those of you who aren't me or aren't deeply involved in my thesis, I've found that JJ loves to offer what looks like payoff, but once we're about to get it, snatches it away from us without necessarily developing the mystery any further, i.e. he just defers the revelation, which makes it difficult sometimes to keep up interest. Nonetheless, by putting off the climax, JJ instead creates a perpetual now, an atemporal space that keeps us cycling through Sisyphean redundancy, which, HEY NOW, WE'RE BACK IN PURGATORY.

In further news, LACAN JUST WON'T DIE. Claire's amnesia gets linked with the imaginary peanut butter, i.e. the current situation vis-a-vis Ethan (in conjunction with Charlie's reticence of his own captivity) is that the Answers remain locked away in the realm of imaginary plenitude. Where the Real and Symbolic figure into this scheme, go ask someone who paid attention in lecture.

Have I announced the utter mancrush I have on Sawyer yet? (Move over, Adam Vinatieri!) Jack, being the conservatively good guy he is, is boring. The show meanwhile allows Sawyer to transgress social, behavioral norms, and so he gets all the ZINGERS instead of Jack.

Indie rating: Autechre - "Overand"

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