Monday, March 28, 2005

24 - 4x15 "9:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M."

Have CTU ever been as stupid and amateurish as they were tonight? Funny that they put those swank VR goggles on Heller's dopey son -- CTU kept their collective heads well entrenched in the proverbial box: Why would Habib Marwan conceivably want Behrooz? Why, they must have a personal connection, or Behdroopy must have information! There couldn't be any other rationale for wanting him, no sir! A-a-and CTU could put a tracking device -- no wait, how about TWO trackers! No way Habib Marwan's goons could possibly scan for another tracker after finding one!

But on the other hand, I think I feel an ode to Chloe coming on...

Oh, Chloe, your beautiful tact,
Bumbling to summarize the facts
Of Jack's Pauldry mess.
Your inappropriate bluntness, I confess,
Saved me from CTU's inanity
With your gauche insanity.

Edgar thinks he's the boss?
At him you'll just toss
Your pickled and dismayed face
As you race to save
Jack's bacon yet once more.
In through the out door;
They booted you but you proved indispensable,
And in their time of trouble
Return to you, not Sarah--
And who got their pay raise this episode? Hahah!

Finally, in case you haven't noticed the link in the sidebar, check out Soi Disantra for its classy 24 Power Rankings. Not to mention substantive indieness!

Addendum: Something I forgot to mention about Paul Raines. You noticed how Dina was lying low for a couple episodes, and then returns only to get bumped off? Now, what is Paul doing? He's lying low too! "But we saw him in surgery!" you might retort, and then I would say, "Stop being stupid." First, we didn't actually see him, merely the surgeons working on him, and second, surgery involves lying on one's back. It's looking bad for our new favorite Limey.

Indie rating: Farben - "Raute"

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