Sunday, March 27, 2005

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 4) - 4x04: "The Girl With the Worst Photo in History"

Through the magic of spectacle, Top Model can again be enjoyable! More precisely, spectacle as distinct from narrative -- that is, watching something just for the sake of witnessing it (think of a sporting event, or a big song and dance number), the primary function of which is not to move the story along. I've found that watching Top Model in the mode of spectacle is a significantly less taxing affair than it was last season where I had worked in vain to re-employ Cycle 1's method of story-building, which ultimately only produced frustration. On the other hand, watching Cycle 4 (and perhaps this method will work with other, lesser seasons and reality series too) as spectacle allowed me to forget about assigning narrative to the proceedings and just wallow in the pointless cattiness and insipid dramatics, not to mention the cuteness that is Naima.

So once more, here's to spectacle!

Indie rating: RJD2 - "I Really Like Your Def Jux Baby Tee"

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