Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Amazing Race - 7x04 "What a Gaucho You Are"

Dear Gretchen Oldperson,

Thanks for the patronizing comments about the street entertainer working to save up for college -- I'd momentarily forgotten to be a misanthrope! Her vaguely racist remarks, in addition to her unbelievably corny "Charge!" (that is, saying something so trite in a possible elimination situation), made me want to see her done and gone. Even though such people can sometimes make for amusing voyeurism in a "I can't believe someone's oblivious enough to make a tool out of themselves," it's this very obliviousness that I don't find entertaining.

Case in point: Ray. He clearly doesn't know how the TAR game goes down; he constantly gripes about how he doesn't want to be somehow "associated" with the bottom half of the teams, or his ignorance that a tremendous amount of luck is involved and that his and Deanna's position is necessarily a reflection of their abilities in the Race (which, by this point, actually has become an accurate reflection i.e. their self-obstructing manic episodes). Ray's lack of awareness (both of self and of everything around him) is what makes him a dull bad guy (self-awareness isn't requisite for being a quality villain, but it absolutely helps).

This sort of single-mindedness (aside from the $1 million prize) is actually pervading the entire season so far with everyone's obsessing with Rob and Amber. This monomania is in fact getting on my nerves -- true, they don't 'need' the prize money, but Rob (Amber still proving herself to be hott deadweight) is playing like no Amazing Racer has ever played. Not to mention his charisma in front of the camera -- something that blockheads like Ray completely lack. And his quaint love for the Bosox, too. I'm a bit shocked that he actually swapped caps with Carlos, to be honest.

Indie rating: Tool - "Hooker With a Penis"

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