Sunday, March 06, 2005

Survivor - 10x03 "Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks"

Kim is cute, but one of the worst posers/pseudo-intellectuals I've had the displeasure of witnessing -- and I'm in grad school. "CON-juring"? "Our tribe's obviously manifested itself to be a tribe that the strongest stay and the weakest go"? She's making Masters students look bad. (And the pot calls the kettle black.)

Tribe Ulong are made of mostly of plucky individuals. Suicide Girl Angie has already proved that, but Bobby Jon despite having the idiosyncrasies of a 12-year old also has that naive loyalty to those around him, and Stephenie...! Scarirly plucked-the-hell-out-of eyebrows and orange-tan notwithstanding, she's hot, fit, tough (last woman to stick out the immunity challenge and never actually gave up) and has what seems to be at least half of an idea of what to do on Survivor. The problem with this tribe is that they completely lack any organizing principle to establish rules and get anything constructive done. Baldly stated, they're simply too young, and if there's anything that reality tv's shown me, it's that the ideology of the young is preoccupied with having fun in the tropics rather than reaching goals. And when given the opportunity to pick their own tribes, youth always abides by youth, ignoring the need to balance play with work (god I'm sounding so reactionary right now), not picking an older person who might take on the mantle of leadership which would totally harsh their buzz, man.

Meanwhile on Koror, Tom's starting to frighten me. His whole "We're on an adventure" mindset certainly doesn't support any thoughts that his silver hair has brought him any wisdom and circumspection. Hunting after sea snakes is nuts enough, but then he tries to upgrade them for sharks with nothing more than sharpened sticks? Guy's an ex-alpha jock who isn't going to let age teach him anything about restraint.

Indie rating: Acid Mothers Temple - "Sir Satanic Magic Bamboo Jerks Off"

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