Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Beauty and the Geek - 1x02

I don't actually watch this show. (Reader response: "Leee, you live this show!" My witty rejoinder: "Shut up, stupid.") Even though I've seen both episodes so far, what I mean is that I'm not submitting the show to my usual rigorous critical scrutiny, because Beauty and the Geek doesn't seem to warrant that kind of attention -- i.e. it's not great reality tv.

I do wish to note two things, though.

1. My dislike for the show stems from how much it objectifies both the Beauties and the Geeks. None of the women have personalities beyond vapid giggling eye-candy, while the men fellas are just a compilation of social disgraces.

2. Joe Hanson went to my school! And I even done seen him at one of the dining halls! Alack, alas, I lacked sufficient verve to approach him for an autograph or simply to introduce myself. I could've met a genuine reality tv star!

Indie rating: Kawabata Makoto w/ Kinski - "Untitled Space"

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Barry said...

Wait a minute -- your indie rating doesn't match your commentary. "Untitled Space" rules!

I caught one episode and I found it hard to believe that it wasn't a parody of a reality TV show. Elimination tasks based around changing tires and giving massages? Guys saying "I've never touched a woman before" with a straight face on national TV? Vacuous LA girls crying about how shallow their boyfriends are and how cool the nerds are once you get to know them? I was awed.