Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rock Star: INXS - 1x04

At this point, I'm mainly wondering how the show goes about selecting the pool of songs from which the contestants must choose. There's been Jimi and Sabbath and the Stones, REM and Aerosmith (whom I hate by the by) and Nirvana, by any and all measures huge bands everyone of them -- but whither Zeppelin, Floyd or Metallica? (Not to say that I'm tremendous fans of Zep or Floyd.)

And for anyone who's actually interested in my powerfulness rankings, I'm too uninterested in this show by now (and, GASP, in the rest of summer reality tv) that all I can really muster for a post is that Suzie had to have rocked the house with "Roxanne." Easily the best performance of the series so far -- while Daphna sounded terribly flat, and not that hot anymore as well.

Also, Rock Star keeps reminding me more of American Idol each week. None of the contestants sound like anything I'd hear on rock stations -- these cats (sorry, but in the spirit of poseur extraordinaire Dave Navarro, I'm hauling out the hipster vocab) are trying hard to impress through their singing. So out the window goes subtlety, and to the backseat goes stage presence for a bit of rough unmentionables, and what we're left with is Celine Dion covering the Killers or something.

Finally, a link to the Mercury Blog of the Week which I would like to win.

Indie rating: Cat Power - "Wonderwall"

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