Sunday, October 23, 2005

Alias - 5x04 "Mockingbird"

Back-to-back non-horrid episodes! You know what this means: we're now going to have five straight weeks of suck.

First, the bad: the slower paced scenes that mean to devastate the viewer and show the depth of feeling in Rachel (or any character who's on the business end of these heavy-handed scenes) are a bore. It's not that I don't care how she feels (although, given how artlessly Rachel is being developed as a character, I may not care soon enough); rather, the writing has all the subtlety as Sydney's rubber dress.

On the other hand, dangling from a crane 200 feet up is good! (Though watching Garner being white trash in the casino was painful.) More action to distract from lame chick-flicky feeliness!

On the third hand, three random screen captures of Rachel in the trunk:

Image hosted by
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Apparently, Alias knows which side its bread is buttered on.

And on the mythological fourth hand, some viewers have asserted that Rachel is crushing on Sydney, as evidenced in their final scene of the episode on the plane: "It's never going to be over, is it? I'm going to be with you a while? ... In custody, I mean." Beyond the mere titillation of lesbian sexing, I'm hoping that Alias heads in the sapphic direction, since this kind of transgression in conjunction with nutty action could make for lighthearted fun and reinvigorate the show.

Indie rating: Opeth - "Bleak"

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