Thursday, October 27, 2005

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 5) - 5x07 "The Girls Are 1940s Pin-Ups"

TYRA: We were expecting a lot more from your Power Rankings from last week, Leee, but when it came time to deliver, you just fell flat.
LEEE: I know, Tyra! I'm mad that I never listen to my own awesome advice (see 4.)!
TYRA: That said, congratulations, you're still in the running for America's indiest reality tv blogger.
LEEE [tearing up]: Thank you...! You are definitely showing me that there's more to being a top blogger than rampant sarcasm!

1. Nik (1) - Going with my new/old gutness instinct, I'm standing firm that Nik will win that coveted albeit tautological spread with ELLE/chance to work with Ford/CoverGirl whatsit, even though my massive brain tells me that with her confidence being undermined, her prospects are dimming.
2. Lisa (3) - She's good, that's for sure -- but maybe too good! The judges are beginning to note how old her skin is, which I suspect will become a problem before the end.
3. Jayla (4) - Her star's definitely rising, but so is her wanton nastiness. That Top Model has been showing her Macchiavellian smirk and grade-school put-downs leads me to believe that she's building up some bad reality tv karmafreude.
4. Kim (6) - Sure, she's shown incremental improvement in that last photoshoot, but my GUT tells me that it may be too little, too late for her long-range chances. But then my BRAIN wins out and puts her into the final four because she's got more vociferous judges pulling for her than Nicole has in her corner.
5. Nicole (5) - She's a very divisive contestant! Some of the judges (usually the special guest judges, who only know her from the shoot/challenge) love her, but the other (important) ones don't.
6. Bre (7) - When she had the straight bangs, the hotness! All the rest of the time, meh. (I'm really earning my (self-appointed) title of indiest dork whatever today.)

Kyle - How dare you show the temerity to bollocks up my rankings, but no nerve at all while you were on the show!
Coryn - I realize that I forgot to send her off last week, but I'm hungry so this is what you get.

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