Sunday, November 20, 2005

Alias - 5x07 "Fait Accompli"

Leading up to her momentous confrontation with Gordon Dean, Rachel Nichols delivered her line -- "Stop" -- with as much conviction as MC Hammer's call to attention that preceded his announcement that it was presently "Hammer time."

Maybe that moment was "camp," but I enjoyed the rest of the episode anyway. Marshall's funniest scene in 4 years -- the LSD interrogation methods and Jack's, "You've done this before, haven't you?" -- particularly made this episode entertaining. Similarly, the show is growing ever more conscious about its shortcomings -- e.g. Marshall's observation that Sloane keeps flipping back and forth from good to bad -- and although I initially thought that such an acknowledgement of the show's formula was a sign that the writers had run out of ideas (and probably it is), they pulled it off with enough cheek and verve to turn it into self-mockery rather than self-parody. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, Syd will forget all about him-who-is-banished and get all trashy again.

And I've got a few ideas about how to make it trashy again.

Indie rating: Garbage - "Queer"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah man, you mentioned the Hammer! But tell me, is Rachel Too Legit to Quit?

(Apparently, I went to college with her. I suppose I never noticed her, since if she turns sideways she will likely disappear.)