Friday, February 03, 2006

Survivor: Panama - Exile Islands - 12x01 "The First Exile"

I think I'm in love.

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Ah Misty. All that and brains, as the saying goes. She's a pageant queen-turned-missile engineer, a combination of hott and ruthless intellect that liberals -- especially boy liberals -- secretly find irresistable.

Not only is she apparently textbook smart -- challenging Elyse as the all-time smartest reality tv contestant -- but she's got a keen strategic sensibility (e.g. knowing that she could psyche out her potential enemies by saying that she'd looked for the immunity idol for "long enough" -- how Clintonesque!</liberal>). And please, let's not forget, SHE ATE A WORM!! That's how I spell "perfect woman."

As for the rest of the show, the current set-up has made this season the most exciting since All-Star. Having teams of four automatically increases the dramatic tension for every pre-merger Tribal Council simply because, like Probst said in the first vote, there's no room left to hide. In terms of how this affects me as a viewer, the pure odds of my favorite contestants (Misty, Dan the Astronaut, ex-fighter pilot Terry (though I get the sense that he could easily turn into a raving cockfarmer), Danielle's cleavage, and yippie Aras (who, in spite of being a moronic granola boy, said something either funny or astute that redeemed him for me. Then I forgot what it was)) getting kicked out have doubled.

These odds that are so close to the skin that I knew from the get-go (and I'm not being innovative here) the teams of four would leave the older women screwed just from a physical standpoint. But when I actually saw them in action, their cluelessness still struck me dumb. How docile did Ruth Marie and Melinda have to be in order to listen to such an uncharismatic and myopic strategist like Cirie? (She might think she's planning in the long-term, but her plan effectively killed Old Women's chances of surviving long enough to reach individual challenges.) At least my curiosity to know what Survivor is going to do when a tribe gets whittled down to one member will be satisfied sooner rather than later.

Indie rating: Boris - "Woman on the Screen"

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