Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Amazing Race - 9x04 "It's Not Over Until Phil Sings"

A week late, but I think I'm obliged to say that I'm digging the Hippies. They aggrieved me with what I considered was an overly affected FREAKness in the first episode of this season. Fortunately, in every episode so far they've been delightful and always have surprised me with their amusing goofiness. The example that officially brought me onto the BJ & Tyler bandwagon was asking the fetching German fraulein at the smashy-smashy Detour, "Will you dance with me?" (I just tried to google what he said in German, which landed me onto what looked like an American Idol fanfic. I did not scrutinize the fic to see if it was slash.)

Meanwhile, Eric and Jeremy are so oversexed that they're giving off homoerotic vibes.

Indie rating: Solex - "Hot Diggitydog Run Run Run"

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