Friday, March 17, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - 6x03 "The Girl Who is A True Miss Diva"

Or, the Makeover Episode!

Unfortunately, the makeovers that the stylists forced on the girls were largely safe, which is to say boring. Everyone was either more volume, length, or blonder, aside from Nnenna, Sara, Jade and Mollie Sue (who shouldn't be lumped in with the others because her trim was not at all radical).

The other big and obvious thing about the episode was Jade's full-on divahood, which I'm already tired of. To a certain extent, her obliviousness and insecure posturing is as painfully entertaining as watching Rick Santorum getting sodomized (hello bittorrent!), but this type of villain has become almost nothing but a type (think of the psychotic wife-beater-type on The Amazing Race ever since Jonathan). You know, the contestant who has barely more talent/skills/whatevs than the average person, but who thinks she is Mizz All That. Jade is so into herself that she's so over-the-top Mizz All That, a merely formalistic villain who is hard to take her seriously as a legitimate villain, much less someone who could seriously go far in the competition.

What's more, she's got to whore for attention constantly, and this episode probably focused 60% of its airtime (or it felt that way, anyway) to Jade and Jade-related mayhem. Which is to say: overexposed -- and I hope that means the producers are shoving her down our eyeballs because she won't be around much longer.

All told, she's an uglier, louder, more aggravating and less funny Lisa.

To answer a previous comment, yes I'm very much aware of the enviably hilarious Four Four. So much so that I considered copying and pasting the latest entry and passing it off as my own. But be sure that all my boring content is my own.

Indie rating: Solex - "You're Ugly"

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