Friday, March 31, 2006

Survivor - 12x07 "An Emerging Plan"

In case you lack the ability to out-strategize a snail, I'll fill you in on Terry's boner: Once all the Casaya chimps bow out of the immunity and it's up to you and Austin/Nick, make a show of trying before letting one of your mates win immunity. You know you're a big target, but who cares, YOU'VE GOT THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL which could've turned the tables on Shane (but then you'd be getting rid of one of the more entertaining castaways this year). And couldn't you, Terry, being a man of honor and such, have appealed to Bruce's infantile sense of honor? "Hey Bruce, you see how much Casaya dislikes you and you see how arrogant they play -- do you really want people like them to go farther than you in this game?"

UNLESS, and this is a hugely improbable unless, Terry's master plan is to fill the jury with La Mina by letting them get picked off as he tries to make a Colby-esque near-clean sweep of all remaining immunity challenges. Of course, there aren't a lot of La Mina left to begin with, and one just got voted off before jury selection.

But one way or another, he just left Sally out in the cold.

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And I can't forgive him that.

Indie rating: Solex - "1+1=11"

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