Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Amazing Race - 9x08 "Here Comes the Bedouin!"

It's no surprise that a pair of hippies believe in karma -- but in a karma that actually works? If BJ and Tyler can put that in a bottle, they'd be just the latest hippies to be able to sell out. (Just for the record, more power to them.) By any measure, though, they're a charmed team, probably because they take the time how to say "thank you" in the language of all the countries they've been in, and because they can channel the power of Lake.

As for Everyone Else, seeing Ray and Yolanda bickering amused me for two minutes, then it got dragged out and boring. Nevetherless, Yolanda got to show off her form of Spidey-Sense.

The Eric/Jeremy SLASH WATCH
I needed to be a little creative for this week's SLASH WATCH, and I'm including two moments of heh heh to make up for the lack of homoerotic obviousness.

That's a flashlight, FYI.

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What makes this T-shirt more slash-worthy than subtle innuendo is that the back of the shirt reads, "Especially during anal sex."

Indie rating: Solex - "Solex Feels Lucky"

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