Friday, April 21, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - 6x07 "The Girl Who Has Surgery"

When will I learn that smart people are jerks?

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However, Danielle and Joanie are all sorts of awesome, and I'm glad that they've even gotten around to hanging out with each other with Danielle freestyling as well as you can expect from a self-professed white girl. (I'm actually referring to the previous episode, 6x06 "The Girl Who Has a Temper.")

Now then, since I've retired the ANTM Power Rankings, my fondness for lists has been unfulfilled this cycle -- until now!

Model Entertainment Value Index
Real simple: I won't speculate frontrunners anymore, and instead I'll just index how much the remaining contestants amuse me.

1. Joanie - Two things initially turned me off about her. The snaggle was one, the blondness was two. (And now, after a bit of research, her penchant for lurking on a never-to-be-named-on-T!YBE-message-board is a third.) Much to my pleasurable surprise, she's funny and goofy and a total trooper about the whole oral surgery ordeal. In fact, she even managed to maintain her sense of humor when she talked to her mom about her new "hillbilly teeth."

2. Danielle - Obvious props should go to her for wanting to keep the gap in her teeth. The gap is what makes Michael Strahan such a looker, mind you. I was surprised that Tyra, she of the Flaunt Your Flaws school of aesthetics, didn't even commend Danielle for being cool with a physical "flaw." But toss in her no-nonsense straight-shooting maturity -- let's not forget that she stayed with Joanie during the latter's oral surgery for a long time -- and we've got the coolest two contestants to be on the same cycle since Adrianne and Elyse.

3. Jade - She only ranks this high because when her mom offered to "fluff" her, I thought I was going to see mom-on-daughter action. Actually, that's gross, so never mind. Still, her clueless arrogance is only barely mitigated by hearing her mangle the language.

4. Nnenna - She may be boring, but a complete indifference to other people underlies her blandness, which actually gives her some personality.

5. Furonda - She peaked with her rules -- nothing at all trashy since then. I'm disappointed!

6. Sara - So she's from Davis, huh?

Indie rating: Solex - "Solex's Snag"

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