Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Amazing Race - 9x09 "Do You Know How Much Running I Did Today, Phil?"

Yolanda said she was surprised that her arguing with Ray went from "zero to 120 kilometers in no time." Note to self: Arguing in metric always makes you seem refined and worldly.

But beyond the impressive stupidity of JoMo -- who believe they get the "crappiest luck" because they don't read their clues carefully enough -- I'll cut this regular part of this entry short to bring you expanded homoeroticism.

The Eric/Jeremy SLASH WATCH

Competing in The Amazing Race is "like trying to get into a girl's pants. You know, lie, cheat, steal." And part of his lying is that he's hetero.

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Note that the captioning left off the scare quotes. "Friends."

Because if I were as exceptionally heterosexual as these guys, I know the first thing that I would do to my buddy/"partner" when I reach a cluebox that's in front of a phallic memorial.

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I'd spank him, of course.

Then, when my buddy and I are going to "bunk" in a hostel that we've re-dubbed the Batcave (Oh, the Batcave, that bastion of purely platonic manly men!), I know exactly what to say.

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And then, when we've got to change into almost-Speedos to go diving for crabs, I'd definitely let my exhbitionist streak hang out.

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Indie rating: Smoosh - "This is not What We've Become"

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