Wednesday, May 03, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - 6x09 "The Girl Who is Rushed To The Emergency Room"

Furonda held court yesterday, and I'm a bit saddened that she's gone. She was well-spoken and funny, and the worst thing about her in terms of reality tv entertainment is that she avoids conflict, which is the vital juice of reality tv. She's little-d diva, sassy without the assy. Notable points from the teleconference:

  • She has fine-tuned her signature walk, so watch out yall!
  • She plugged
  • As a Top Model fan, she said her favorite contestants were the ones with strong personalities like Camille, Robin, Shandi and Naima. I'll let you play the "One of these is not like the other" game.
  • On her Veronica Mars experience, she called Steve Guttenberg a "really great actor."
  • She says she'll be rooming with Nnenna in NYC.
  • She cops to her thin, "praying mantis" face.
  • She plugged, though she added that she would upload "Furonda's Tips For Successful Interaction" to the site in the near future.
  • Speaking of the list, she said that it helped defuse any potential drama that she might have had with the other girls, and she drafted it in the first place because of her experiences in dorm life. All the girls had a good laugh about it, so it was certainly not as diva as the show initially made it out to be, though the recap episode showed Furonda and Joanie having a good larf over it.
  • She said that elimination panels take the whole day to go through, anywhere from eight to 10 hours. First there's the panel challenge, then the judges take one hour to critique each girl individually, and finally the judges take an hour to deliberate. And after that, the girl whose photo Tyra does not hold in her hand must go back immediately and pack her belongings, which takes another hour.
  • As with all reality competitions, ANTM was marked with a lot of "hurry up and wait."

    Model Entertainment Value Index

    1. Joanie
    215, +34
    "Even when I sit next to her, all I smell is just bitch." If this were America's Next Top Catchphrase, we could end the competition and just crown Joanie right now.

    2. Danielle
    194, +12
    Seriously, what is up with everyone harping on D's speech? Maybe Tyra et al are speaking in a completely different language because I can't understand why they have a problem with Danielle's speech. Nevertheless, in most of her candid interviews so far, Danielle has taken pains to enunciate carefully, I've noticed. If the speech thing is genuine, then the candids were probably shot late in the competition after Tyra reminded Danielle about her draaawl. Anyway, bailing out of the emergency is so Cycle 1, which explains Danielle slipping to second place here; but I won't hold getting dehydrated, exhausted and food poisoned against her.

    3. Jade
    190, +19
    I'm appreciating Jade more now that I realize that she's just like America. Totally oblivious of how she's seen by others. Outwardly respect for others, then covertly undermining them -- though in Jade's case, she didn't wait for Joanie to turn her back to call Joanie "two-faced" and "demanding." And let's not forget that she confirmed Carl Everett's theory that dinosaurs never existed -- they were elephants all along.

    4. Sara
    36, -10
    For all I care, Sara's a more stretched out version of Joanie now. And I like Sara!

    Indie rating: Solex - "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like an Egyptian"
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