Tuesday, May 23, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - Joanie Teleconference!

Like I said in the prior entry, Joanie rocked her teleconference like no other. I have high hopes for her fellow cool contestant Danielle tonight.

Not to be histrionic or anything, but the final two of Joanie and Danielle was undeniably the hottest final two in ANTM history. To which Joanie responded, "Let's pull it from Naima and give it to" both her and Danielle. How can you not love a girl who makes fun of a possibly retarded former winner? How can anyone not love a white girl who can get down on the dancefloor? ("Girl, I'm from the hood, we know how to dance.")

(FYI, I'll glorify Danielle later this week after her teleconference.)

How can you not love a goofy chick?
1. No music and no TV made Joanie something something hit on the cameramen.
2. Wanting to apologize to the designer in the final runway because she made his clothes smell with BO.
3. She's always been goofy because she was always the "funky one."
4. On the 10-inch stripper heels challenge: "I got lucky that day. Also I had some practice." Lolomg!

What she wished the show aired occurred after Jade's inimitable "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend" moment. Joanie was laughing at her in the background, which Jade somehow heard about at 3 a.m. and thus proceeded to wake up a sleeping Joanie to confront her about it. The cameras might not have been rolling to catch this moment, but apparently Jade called her up to hash things out, which puzzled Joanie: "Jade, where'd you get my number?"

Though they smoothed things out with each other, Joanie couldn't resist dogging on Jade a little more. On the church fashion show: "Dude, I frickin' rocked that!" She knew that she didn't have to outdo Jade, because Jade went ahead and outdid herself with that ridiculous TWIRLING SWIRLING.

Joanie then recalled who she was friends with. Surprisingly, she named Wendy, because they were roommates. Then she called herself, Mollie Sue and Danielle a tight trio, and also big-upped Furonda for her impersonations of "crackheads." Which makes me hate on UPN a little for not airing. In any event, she still keeps in touch with all of them and with Sara (no ill will about the blonde copycatting) and Nnenna.

Of course, what's a Top Model contestant without a MySpace? Cute bit:
"I like watching TV... or going to hear bands or watch drag shows." Ideal woman, anyone?

But wait, there's more! "I wish I read more. I just can't stay interested. I mostly read magazines." She's like a girly/girlier me!

Finally, she likes something called Chachi, but I have no idea what that is.

So, for that funky white girl with her new new teeth, a special non-Solex T!YBABEE indie rating shout-out!

Indie rating: Plaid - "Dang Spot"

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Anonymous said...

Joanie Loves Chachi was a short-lived spinoff of Happy Days. The show generated a great deal of also short-lived interest before its first airing in South Korea, for "Chachi" is Korean for penis, although this tale may be an urban legend.