Tuesday, May 23, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - 6x11 "The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City"

Again late, especially judging by the number of hits T!YBE got last week for Danielle Evans. (In honor of Ms. Banks and her fab show, I'll be changing the name of the blog to T!YBABEE - Television! You Black A Black Excelsior Emperor. Well, not really.) However, to make up for the tardiness, I'll offer sexy expanded coverage, reporting semi-exclusively on Jade and Joanie in this entry, and our eventual Top Model Danielle later this week!

But first the finale itself -- I haven't much to say about it save for Danielle and semi-surprise upset. Not that she didn't seem like model material, but when Tyra constantly ragged on her syrupy Southern accent, I thought it was a kiss of death.

The final reveal was incredibly abrupt and sudden, since I expected Tyra to address both Joanie and Danielle before she unveiled the ultimate winner.

Before I fully dispense with the episode itself, I just wanted to big up Joanie once more for her observations on Jade. "Please send Jade home. Her personality? Smells like a dirty diaper." Classic.

Now, to Jade and her surprisingly dull teleconference. She said that her only regret was not being in person in the ANTM editing room, and that her best shot was still in the UPN archives. Moreover, Twiggy apparently had it in for her. Good to see that she's not that different in reality than she is on a reality show.

I asked her about her colorful vocabulary, and I'll admit that I was impressed that she was able to laugh it off. Words, she says, are not "static shackles." But before she made that nice turn of phrase (which I'll think about stealing in the future), she mentioned her creative/artistic side as a poet/artist. Oh, and she wants to meet David Blaine. Ok?

I'm almost tempted to start a whole new entry on Joanie's teleconference, because hers was several orders of magnitude better than Jade's or any of the other ones I remembered to listen to. And sure, why not?

TO BE CONTINUED in like 10 minutes.

Indie rating: Solex - "Yadda Yadda Yadda No. 1"

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