Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Week 7

Apologies for the lack of updates, but Comic Con really threw me off of my game for the last two or so weeks. Two TV-related bits of Comic Con: I was a total jerk at the Lost panel half-deliberately; and I laid down serious game on Kristen Bell. Read the gory details here.

As for the one reality program sustaining the core essence that is the desert of my life this summer, I will say briefly that I seem to enjoy most the routines that have the music I like best:

Heidi & Ryan - Cuban Rumba ("Rumba del Solar" by Angelo Rodriguez)
Dmitry & Ashley - Contemporary ("Dance Dance" by Fall Out Boy) (Yes, I enjoyed an emo song.) (And there goes all my indie cred.)
Travis & Heidi - Paso Doble ("Plaze of Execution" from The Mask of Zorro soundtrack)
Ryan & Allison - Contemporary ("Ethna" by Klement Bonelli)

In a given routine, the song obviously determines a lot of the performance value in addition to the dancers, which is partly why I'm not as fond of Heidi & Travis' contemporary, which was accompanied by the subtle vocalizations of Celine Dion. Who knows how I'd react to a routine set to Orbital, Electrelane, or "Escaped and Lost Down in Medina."

Or, I'm crushing on Heidi a lot more than I realize. She's really starting to look like Reese "Elle Woods" Witherspoon now.

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Anyway, I've noticed a few hits from people looking for the zombie dance lately. Who loves ya, baby? (NOTE: brand new link as of 7/13/07.) Incidentally, that routine -- which was mentalistically great -- taught me to appreciate Roisin Murphy. What a helpful show, yes? Especially since it features a choreographer named Tasty Oreo?

But how could America be so dense as to vote off Allison?

Indie rating: Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime

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