Monday, December 11, 2006

Justice League - Season 2

Fourth World! Seeing an animated Darkseid blew my mind (N.B. I haven't seen Superman: The Animated Series).
Grade: A-

"Tabula Rasa"
I always like the idea of a group that has to fight against its own powers. I kept expecting Batman to save the day because he's the only JLer without powers, but instead, we get J'onn anticlimactically opening Amazo's mind to the empathy of humankind or somesuch sentimentality. No room for liberal ideals in a slobberknocker!
Grade: B+

"Only a Dream"
Batman vs. sleep deprivation appeals to me, but dream/nightmare episodes often get too bogged down in unnecessarily exploring bad, pop Freud psychology.
Grade: B-

"Maid of Honor"
Wonder Woman hangs out with Paris Hilton. Plays out as well as it sounds.
Grade: C

"Hearts and Minds"
Better space opera than Star Wars! Religious cults, romance (Katma Tui? Rrowr!), intergalactic wars, and Kilowog eating ice cream -- which is to say, EVERYTHING I COULD EVER WANT.
Grade: A+

"A Better World"
So the Flash is the key to democracy. Alterna-universe stories are inherently cool. Also, what's the difference between Alterna-Bats and real Batman? They're both fascists.
Grade: A-

Ancient snake people whose spirits live in a crystal? Please. The Flash saves not only Earth but the episode arc when he fights the possessed JL.
Grade: C+

"The Terror Beyond"
Aquaman? UGH. Dr. Fate? YAY. I can't get into the fun of superheroes fighting each other for no apparent reason, then realizing that they're on the same side. But, Hawk "Bird Nose" Girl!
Grade: B

"Secret Society"
Yay gorillas! Batman pwning to put an early end to group training! A perfect 10, surely. Let me write the zero first... Oh noes! The story ends with the League squaring off against the Secret Society -- in a packed stadium. Yuck!
Grade: B

A story about the Death of an Icon™ that turns into a post-apocalyptic buddy movie? Admittedly weird, but classic if only for Vandal Savage, reader of self-help books ("I read whatever I can find; anyway, I've got issues, what with my destroying the Earth and all"). Bonus points for not showing the slobbernocker that saves Earth for once.
Grade: B+

"Comfort and Joy"
A Very Justicey Christmas with -- get this! -- GORILLAS. Cheerful and touching without being saccharine, and Ultra-Humanite is a big furry softy (albeit with high-blown tastes).
Grade: A+

"Wild Cards"
This story is Joker's last appearance? sadface.jpg
Grade: C

Meat and potatoes actioner, with a twist, plus great Batmanisms (knowing the secret identy of everyone who had one, kicking Flash and J'onn out of the Watchtower so he could crash it). I love you, you noble death-driven rich kid with issues!
Grade: B+

Indie rating: Thomas Fehlmann - "Making it Whistle"

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