Monday, December 11, 2006

Justice League Unlimited - Season 1

Justice League gets a new title sequence, plus a new focus on single-episode stories. The Justice League team gets an expanded roster. Green Latern gets the Ben Sisko makeover (shaved head, goatee).

Cute superheroics, the envelope is pushed a bit, animated DC D-listers, Black Canary is ogled. A fine relaunch.
Grade: B+

"For the Man Who Has Everything"
Batman, you gift-certificate giving varlet! I hate you! (Actually, he went with the time-honored gift of cash in a blank envelope.) (Suave bastard.) But seriously folx: Kal-El's line to his son -- "But I don't think you're real" (couresty of Alan Moore -- credit where credit's due) -- typifies the pathos of the episode. Only nitpick, from a narrative standpoint: Batman's encounter with the Black Mercy feels tacked on since it appeared so late in the episode, even though it worked Batman's primal scene to great effect (never met a "Waynes family coming out of a Zorro movie" scene where I wasn't goose-pimpled with pathos). And man! Superman's dialogue with Mongul seethed with fire.
Grade: A-

"Hawk & Dove"
It's Hawk & Dove.
Grade: C+

"Fearful Symmetry (aka Galatea)"
The Question! Singing a boy-band pop song!
Grade: A-

"Kids' Stuff"
Kid Lantern's imagination outrunning his power ring! HAHA. Baby Etrigan! CUTE. Wonder Girl's adolescent flirting with Batboy! TOO CUTE.
Grade: A+

"This Little Piggy
"Rich kid with issues!" The Singin' Dark Knight Detective! Plus, I have a serious soft spot for well-animated pigs.
Grade: A

"The Return"
Breathtaking set pieces, cutting one-liners, and the Green Lantern Corps flexing planetary muscle! Oh, and the return of *awk*irl!
Grade: A-

"The Greatest Story Never Told"
Strained humor focusing on B-Lister Booster, though cute scientist action helps.
Grade: B

Lame Superfriends parody de-spiced with return of pansy Wonder Woman.
Grade: C+

"Dark Heart"
Warren Ellis, why you break my heart? His dialogue translates painfully, and all of the action is repetitive lasers and ugly metal-eating replicants.
Grade: C+

"Wake the Dead"
Shayera and Grundy! The JLU Old Yeller episode.
Grade: B

"The Once and Future Thing" Parts 1 & 2
Time travel! Self-reflexivity! Alluding to the Batman/Wonder Woman shipping! CAN YOU HEAR ME PLOTZ? (Only way to top this episode would've been to include super-smart talking monkeys.)
Grade: A-

Indie rating: Fennesz - "The Other Face"

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