Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 - 6x05 "10 A.M. - 11 A.M."

YOU HAVE MY WORD! 24 Fantasy Punditry

In last week's punditry, I didn't forget Abu Fayed -- I just thought he was dead. (Just another example of the liberal elite over-thinking everything oh snap!) But say, he's still breathing this week, and well-heeled with four count 'em four more briefcase nukes to boot, so I'd be remiss if I didn't put the Greek-American actor playing an Arabic terrorist (and erstwhile demon) whom everyone loves to love right at the top of this week's risers, -- even if he turned in a quieter performance than last week's bomb dropping debut. He's the Reign Man!

Jack Bauer - In the first half, Jack showed off new wrinkles in his game (e.g. saving people instead of killing them), but in the second half, he went back to the go-to part of his game: torture. Of his brother. Points also for cold-cocking brother -- in the mouth, which is always good for a chuckle.

Graham Bauer - So we finally find out what his prénom is, since we all thought "Graham" was his surname. Graham loses style points for that stupid Bluetooth headset and his baldness, but gets credit for an assist, using his "You're hurting me" line to set up Jack's "Trust me, I'm not." "Golden" also earns points for getting
(1) cold-cocked in his mouth,
(2) a plastic bag tied over his head, and
(3) cuckolded.
All by his brother.

Morris O'Brian - Not that showing up Milo should be difficult, but Morris continues to impress and shame other CTU-ers with his playmaking, breaking the news that Jack's dad is involved with Fayed. Now, if only Chloe can recapture some of that mojo.

Wahid Al-Rezani - Someone should show him what is done to collaborators!

Joshua Bauer - Jack's nephew. Needs a new haircut, and a new face wouldn't hurt, either of which I expect Jack to help him out with. As a favor to Graham, of course.

Heydar - I always thought that Heydar was mythical, but apparently not! Still, Heydar is on the verge of being the crux of a high-leverage situation

Phillip Bauer - Despite his early connection to Fayed -- which will probably see him antagonizing his son at first -- Jack Daddy figures to be one of the good guys during the middle third of the season, but beyond that, take your chances with Phillip in the longterm.

Mike Doyle - A name unfamiliar to most fans, Doyle is nonetheless a hot prospect with excellent peripheral stats, plus he bears an uncanny resemblance to the kid from Spoons, only all grown up. He'll be a mid-season call-up, so watch that waiver wire.

Marilyn Bauer - Mrs. Nathan Petrelli Bauer! No wonder she wasn't on the last episode of Heroes, though I wonder if Flying Man knows she can walk again.

Blonde Wife - The wife of the guy Fayed called about finding someone to fix the briefcase nukes. She was the filly worried about looking like a hooker; I'd tell her to get better sartorial taste, but then I like my blondes to look slutty.

Indie rating: Paik - "Stellar Meltdown En El Oceano"

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Judging by the "next week's episode of 24," Jack is in for a slow week.