Monday, February 19, 2007

24 - 6x08, 6x09 "1 PM. - 3 P.M."

I can't be bothered to fantasize about 24 anymore, partly because I'm mad that Hot!Rita got killed, and because of this little revelation. I noticed something weird when Josh confronted Grandpa Bauer, and after finding a screen cap, I investigated further.

The original screencap:
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Enhanced contrast/brightness...
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Enhanced contrast/brightness...
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Apologies to sqashua.

But with one hottie down, I've since moved onto better things.

Sofer's Choice

If you're like Rena Sofer, you can't decide which hit drama to watch on Mondays at 9 p.m. The difference: She actually guest-stars on both, as wheelchair-bound Heidi on Heroes and Jack's sister-in-law, Marilyn, on 24. We pressed her to pick a favorite. —Dan Snierson
Why She Chooses '24'
+ "It's less confusing to watch one man save the world than a bunch of people save the world. And you don't need subtitles."
+ "It's easier on your stomach to see buildings and helicopters explode as opposed to people."
+ "You don't have to invest too much in the future—on 24 at least you know the world gets saved in a day."
+ "Unlike Isaac, Jack doesn't to do heroin to save the world...except in season 3."
+ "You can actually see me walk on 24 as opposed to Heroes, where you only see me in a chair."

Why She Chooses 'Heroes'
+ "It might take Jack 24 hours to save the world on 24, but Hiro can stop time and save the world in 20 minutes if he wants to."
+ "On Heroes, w don't need nukes to blow up the world—we can use Peter."
+ "There's a slightly better chance of seeing colorful costumes and flying capes on Heroes than on 24."
+ "It's more politically corect to watch minorities save the world on Heroes than destroy the world on 24.:
+ "'Save the cheerleader, save the world!' is a cooler phrase than 'Dammit, Chloe, we're running out of time!'"

I Rena Sofer.

Indie rating: Ida – "Forgive"

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