Thursday, March 08, 2007

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 8) - 8x01 "The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking"

Last season, as I've said several times before, was disastrous because the girls weren't inspiring models and because, after CariDee and Melrose, they had zero personality. This being ANTM, the girls of Cycle 8 probably don't know how to model either, but at least we're not lacking for personality. (Especially since, you know, Cycle 8 has two plus-size girls, hurr hurr!)

More seriously, ANTM already has a passel of severe self-esteem issues that promise to make Cycle 8 infinitely more rewarding than Cycle 7. Sarah who has the knowledge, experience, and albino street urchin/waif/elf look going for her...

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... yet her insecurity compels her to constantly boast about her accomplishments to so that others can validate her. Also:

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Then there's Jael who seems to dread success so much because she's afraid that she won't be a lovable loser anymore. Another thing that irked me about Jael -- and really, it's about Jael, as it has little to do directly with her -- is her race. Jael looks like a slutty, punked out Gwyneth Paltrow...

... her father is a German Jew, and her mother is black ("African-American" were Jael's exact words).

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(Which prompts Ms. J to say, "That is some strong DNA on your daddy's side," though we'll ignore the eugenic undertones of his statement.) Accordingly, Tyra identifies Jael as "half-black," an identification which brings up really bothersome ideas about
racial purity. Simply looking at the above picture, the complexion of Jael's mom is rather light, which suggests that -- if we're go by archaic notions of "blood" vis-a-vis race -- mom has a fair amount of white "blood" in her ancestry. And Jael is still half-black? Is white blood that weak that a drop of black and you don't go back?

Anyway, you get the picture with the insecure girls, which also includes Renee.

Since this post is so late, I'll just say that Kathleen is the Mirror Universe Bre (minus the Mirror Universe goatee): they're both black girls from Noo Yawk with big hair, but Kathleen was preoccupied with being everyone's best friend.

Also, Gia from Veronica Mars season 2 was at the Goodwill fashion show.

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