Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reaper - 1x01 "Pilot"

I've seen how this all ends. Don't worry, God wins.
-The Devil

As we all know, I'm never wrong, so I can say in full confidence that judging solely by its premiere episode, Reaper is the best new show of the year, and might at some point become simply the best show not named The Wire (depending also on how FNL deals with a certain story arc, if Heroes removes that pretension stick from its butt and gets back to slapdash manic fun, and if Veronica Mars stays cancelled). Anyway, Reaper: Great dialogue, a refreshing ensemble cast (most of whom look like real, normal people; even the resident hottie avoids the glammed up look and thus is all the more crushworthy), a fantasy concept that virtually writes itself, and smooth Ray Wise as the devil (casting perfection). Who knew a couple of broads (Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas) could make such good tv? Kudos.

  • Something that made me raise my Sharpied-on eyebrows was the language on the show. "Nuts" and "dick" stood out for me (I mean, you know...), and the other assorted tv-swears that rounded out the pilot made me wonder if shows on the CW are held to different standards & practices than real networks.

  • Last note: dollars to donuts, Andi and/or her late father will probably have a similar arrangement with the Devil as Sam does.

Indie rating: Blue Öyster Cult - "Astronomy"


Beckylooo said...

Well this is exciting. The more I hear about this show the more excited I get. But the best show on TV that's not The Wire? Wowsers. Better than Battlestar? Better than The Office!? Oh, wait. You wouldn't know now would you. Sigh.

(btw it's all office all the time day, in case you missed the memo)

Leee said...

I'm a horrible office worker, I blog all day and delete all memos.

Actually, I've watched and decided I simply don't like The Office, mostly because it's a comedy of embarrassment and awkwardness, which cuts too close to home for me to enjoy or laugh at. (See also my dislike for the Beeb Office, any Ben Stiller comedy, &c. It's a pure miracle that I liked Borat, but I guess I can't say no to naked wrestling.) But if you want the real answer, it's because they dared to make fun of Legally Blonde in the office fire episode.

BSG is fine, though for me it peaked with the Pegasus multi-parter in S2: grim, raw, and spectacular never done better on TV. (And before you ask, no, I wouldn't describe The Wire as grim.) I also refuse to believe *~*~SPOILER

that the you-know-whos are you-know-whats. I'd sooner believe that you-know-which-female-pilot is really you-know-what. But seeing how few characters anywhere are named Lee, I'm obligated to liking BSG.

Beckylooo said...

Oh they are SO you-know-whats. But they're not THOSE kind of you-know-whats. They're another kind. In fact, I don't think anyone really knows what's what where the you-know-whats are concerned. So, you know, yeah.

And I feel you on the awkwardness of the Office. (that's why I couldn't hang with the british version, the US has less cringe and so much more heart.) As I've ranted about on ma blog, those Michael scenes hurt my insides. But everything else is so laugh out loud hilarious, I can let it slide. Don't remember the Legally Blonde crack though. Good excuse to rewatch. Maybe on my new iPhone (squeeel).