Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I don't mind stealing a deucedly good idea, and the pertinent idea being that I have a handful of readers remaining from the post-SYTYCD malaise, most of whom lurk, I gather. So, in keeping with the spiritual zeitgeist of our times, unsheathe yourselves! Pray tell the following!

  1. How did you stumble upon the most indie TV blog in the universe (a title which, like American Jumpstyle Champion Golden Inferno's, is self-anointed)?
  2. What is your favourite telly programme?
  3. Your most detested?
  4. What programme which I watch currently would you desire me to cover?
  5. Do you prefer longer posts? Shorter?
  6. Favourite album(s) of 2007? Single(s)?
  7. Your phone number and a pic (if you are hot)(glasses preferred)!

Respond freely with your addenda, in an inexplicably British demeanor or not!

Indie rating: Hawkwind - "Brainstorm"


Beckylooo said...

I think I'm the only NON lurker 'round these parts but whatevs. I'll play along...

1. You already know the answer to that.

2. The impossible question - Currently: toss up between FNL and BSG. The Office and 30 Rock are close behind. Of All Time: West Wing, Twin Peaks, FNL, Saved By the Bell (plus the above mentioned. And what the hell, Freaks and Geeks too. I just finished em last night so it feels a bit forced to add it to the list but shit it's good.

3. The O'Reilly factor

4. Do you watch The Suite Life with Zac and Cody?

5. As an old english teacher used to say - as long as it's feat touch the ground, I don't care how long it is.

6. Ugh. I'm so not hip to the new shit. I don't know. Toss up between Feist's The Reminder and Common's Finding Forever. Single would be Common's The People based solely on that sample.

7. Nice try. Perve.

Baby Z said...

[pops out of the lurker booth]

1. One of the many SYTYCD blogs out there -- no clue which anymore. My ADD kicks in after about six seconds of staring at a page. Thusly, I must do this quick.

2. Best Week Ever, Heroes, anything on the Disney Channel.

3. Anything on the great CW. I mean, really. Gossip Girl? Those weren't even a good series of books, and now...oh, and anything on the Disney Channel.

4. Er...what Beckylooo said, actually. [sideglance]

5. Long and stupid. Like men.

6. Why must you...? ;_; Way too much indie rock and alt rock just to pick one...(and I'm into High School Musical. I guess I'll pick the HSM2 soundtrack.)

7. Not legal and not into bro-has.

srah said...

1. Found it in my referers today!
2. Hmmmm... I guess 30 Rock if I can really only name one.
3. I just don't watch anything I don't like! Um... Tom Goes to the Mayor? Cavemen, even though I haven't seen it?
4. I don't know what you watch currently!
5. Hmmmm... depends on the subject, I guess.
6. Probably Mika's... whatever that brightly colored album is called. And we'll go with Grace Kelly for single, just to be consistent.
7. Nope!

Leee said...

You all and your numbering, I had to edit my <ul> into an <ol> LOL! Ok, no, seriously.

4. Aargh a cable show! I don't have cable, FYI, which makes my BSG, ProjRun, and Wire habits more complicated. And while I'm a grown man who loves his cartoons... a Disney show?
7. Nuts.

Baby Z:
3. ;_; I ♥ the CW! (Well not really, but Veronica Mars, Top Model, and now Reaper are dear to me.)
7. DANG.

4. Here is handy guide.

BrĂ¼nnheather said...

1. The grapevine.

2. i feel like i'm a baby when it comes down to all the shows i haven't watched...but Buffy is up there as an all-time fave. other than that, ask me in a year when i've had time to rent everything.

3. hmm. The Singing Bee.

4. more Heroes, s'il vous plait.

5. I like it all. rawr.

6. A Fine Frenzy's One Cell in the Sea is a great new album. Fav single is hard b/c I don't really listen to the radio. How 'bout something from DJ Jazzy Jeff's new album...yeah, that'll work.

7. 0 for 4!

PS: <3 fellow non-cable owners.

Beckylooo said...

0-4 Heather makes me laugh. Leee - You knew I was kidding with the Disney show shit, right? Right?