Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Survivor: China - 15x02 "My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!"

Or, I Was Given the Clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol Because God Loves Me

Or, I Gave Leslie the Clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol Because She's the Weakest Link

And with that, Jaime became one of my immediate favorite contestants. In fact, when she decided to give Leslie the clue to the HII, Jaime set off another ripple that looks ripe with potential fireworks. After getting the clue, Leslie shared it with Todd, thinking that the gesture would earn his trust; of course, Todd delighted in her strategic naivete, saying that at the first opportunity he'd eliminate her so that he'd be the only one who knew about the HII. (If she doesn't hate gays now, she'll turn into a Dr. Laura clone after she gets the boot.) While I have to question the longterm wisdom of his plan (e.g. won't someone else find out about it by virtue of the kidnapping format?), Todd really is thinking on a whole different level from the other players -- which we know because he tells us at every opportunity he gets.

That's Fei Long. On John Hu, we've got the makings of the most dysfunctional tribe since Ulong (Survivor: Palau), though vastly more entertaining thanks to how Dave tends to pull faces during Tribal Council and Ashley's surprisingly astute (but ultimately futile) poop-stirring. (And, contrary to what I posted last week, I've come across NSFW evidence (not like that) that Ashley does not have a penis..) Strangely, the tribe hasn't gotten into trouble over who the leader is, as Peih-Gee has settled comfortably into Number 2 and completely disappeared in the second half of this episode. I'm also waiting for Frosti to pull out some ridiculous parkour moves, but given his potential, the potential of a lot of his tribemates (PG, Jaime), and the tribe's losing streak setting it up as underdogs extraordinaire, I'm rooting for John Hu.

Indie rating: Hella - "The Ungrateful Dead"

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