Tuesday, August 19, 2008

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 11)

Why am I the last person to hear about ANTM news? Wherein one contestant is transgendered. I actually considered/wondered about applying to the show once, but now that I'm getting on in years, and because the show already has its token tranny, I think I'd better look for a real job. Still, Isis has got my hopes up for this upcoming cycle even though my biased favorites (e.g. Lauren, Victoria, Heather, etc.) heading into the competition always get shafted, aka I never learn.

Indie rating: Stereolab - "Fractal Dream of a Thing"


tehresa said...

i feel like she's kind of destined to win, considering the seasons of whitney and saleisha... it's like they're not even trying to uphold the idea that this show is an actual competition anymore.

Leee said...

Yeah, those two were examples of Tyractivism at its most blatant, but I'm holding onto hope that Tyra won't be so ham-fistedly obvious with the show's first acknowledged trans-contestant, though I've been letting to of the idea that this show is pure competition for the last couple cycles (I'm slow).