Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm in my blog, making promises I can't keep

Kidding! I'm just slow, which means I'll be putting up the lolcatdeeleys I owe in small batches as I think of them.



(Im on the intertubes, getting html entities right!)


On a related note, I've used up my Photobucket bandwidth for this month (August), as you may have noticed. I've identified the culprit, and rest assured that I have dealt with it... martially. I've moved a few pics to Flickr, but in the meantime, just sit tight until September, when all should be well again in les Ecats Udeeley.

Indie rating: Paula Frazer & Tarnation - "Another Day"


Melissa said...

Yay! Thanks! Mark is such a ham!

natalie said...

Hee hee! thanks!

Margot said...

I *love* these lolcatdeeleys! I wasn’t here in time to request one, and I’m really quite a leee-newbeee, but will you consider this request?

I think there’s really great fodder for a loltabsduomo? Between the psycho-girlfiend-at-the-club choreography session and the jersey-sister-in-the-camera moment after the performance? What Mark is to me among dancers she is to me among choreographers. And then some... =)~

Leee said...

Margot, that would be highly irregular and would send us down the slippery slope whereby cats could marry dogs or pedophiles could adopt kids.

(You're in the queue.)

Anonymous said...

LOL! True dat; pure mayhem. In fact you reminded me that last night I had a dream that I congratulated Ellen on her marriage and that I too had recently married. Not a sheep though. (And oh eew yuck boo to the story you referenced.)

Margot said...

Oops that was me :0
"What's a CUM PEW TER?"

Brünnheather said...

thanks, shweetheart :)
now i need to find my (artsy) glasses so i can read das Germantext...

Leee said...

As much as I like arty glasses:

Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich denn aus der Engel
Ordnungen? und gesetzt selbst, es nähme
einer mich plötzlich ans Herz: ich verginge von seinem
stärkeren Dasein.

I think it's from the first Duino Elegy, but since I don't sprechen deutsche, I might be wrong.

Heather said...

OH! Yes, yes it is. Dankegraziemerci! :)