Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Blog Every Episode of The Wire 07

Each entry opens some general notes if I have them before I launch into spoilers that might either be for that specific episode or span the entire series. In other words, readers who have not reached the end are urged to return to these posts only when they have.

"One Arrest" (1x07)

No, I haven't given up on this project, but I have been stupid-busy with other important and boring things.


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Remember that moment in "The Buys" (1x03) when the police come down on the low-rises and Bodie punches Det. Polk? Herc and Carv start beating on Bodie, and when Kima spots what's going on, she sprints over and we all think that she's going to break up the brutality? Except she actually joins in?


Now, four episodes later, when Bird's in the interrogation room and let's say not exactly cooperating with the police, our mindsets have changed and as Landsman rips up that pre-beatdown polaroid and Daniels closes the door to the room, we aren't thinking police brutality anymore, but that Bird's bringing it on himself. Maybe we're even a little edified that they didn't even take his handcuffs off.



The first appearance of Senator Davis. Sheeeee-etc.
Indie rating: Tarnation – "Game of Broken Hearts"

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Sonia said...

The Wire TV Show is one of my favorite shows due to its cast. Everyone perform their role very well. All episodes of this show are mind blowing...