Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can't Stop Believing, or Watching

Glee really ought to be a show that doesn't reel me in, starting with the subject matter. I don't care for singing in the American Idol, belting vein, and when some characters are doing vocal gymnastics or generally showing off the extremities of their pipes, I actually have a viscerally negative reaction. Beyond the music, I don't even find the show to be memorably funny, though I will say that seeing 11 guys in full pads dancing to "Single Ladies" was inspired and awesome. The characters are flat, but that said, characterization good or bad rarely makes or breaks a show for me, and at least the majority of the kids (and adults) on Glee aren't grossly unlikable.

And yet, I can't stop watching this show, the whole of which far exceeds the sum of its parts. I'm at a loss to explain why aside from Glee's unabashed enthusiasm.

And Jayma Mays' rapturous cuteness.

Indie rating: The Lovetones – "XXXV"

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