Saturday, October 03, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 6x04, 6x05 "Atlanta Auditions," "New Orleans Auditions"


Watch out, season 6 top 20. Not only have your auditions been lackluster, but you suddenly have some let's call it tall competition during those end-of-the-performance-show-boogies.


Cat's putting together some serious moves now, and I will be disappointed if she does not bust them out come competition time.

I can't remember a thing about the Atlanta auditions outside of feline legs of a stank nature, so it's on to New Orleans, where the dancers were... equally unmemorable. However, the Big Easy (not to be confused with a certain globe-trotting Globetrotter) at least was the scene of a Nigel-less judging panel, which did wonders for the tolerability of the woman in the middle.

Honestly, Mary was either exhausted from judging season 5 and jetting around for the season 6 auditions, or Nigel's absence accounted for how sedate she was, relatively speaking. Obviously, her rules of what not to do were adorable (thanks in no small part to Shankman), but she also let loose with sharp sass-back. For instance, when Eric "6 7 Red Bulls" Le Blanc asked her to put him on the Hot Tamale Train, she stopped him dead in his tracks instead: "Baby, you got to deserve it." (Well, he might've stopped if he hadn't been freebasing caffeine.)

All of the judges were great, in fact, primarily because they stayed away from impatient and self-entitled bitterness. At his meanest, Shankman actually wished Nigel was there to be mean for him, and Lil C, if he doesn't like a dancer, could just swamp them with his loquacity rather than assault them with nastiness. I want to attribute the entire panel's sedateness to his calming, professional influence, too. King of Krump? If I had my way, he'd be the King of Jidges.

On the subject of Dr. Lythgoe:



See, what Catye West is objecting to is the way Nigel has his hood tucked under his tie. Unless it's what honorary doctorates do, or something, that is one childish look.


Mary's face was looking especially puffy and weathered in New Orleans, but strangely, it looked much less like a plastic disaster when she was screaming, like her face has defaulted into that form, thanks to mighty botox.

The one thing that I don't like about Lil C is the knot in his ties. The natty ensembles he's always got going are ruined not by his baseball caps but by those loose, asymmetric, and bulky monstrosities.


Of course, that is the exact knot that I tie. Like, I've got this one half-Windsor that I tied probably three years ago that that is just right and so I haven't untied since then.

With Legacy's McNulty impression back in Phoenix, we've had an absolutely Wire-ish run of auditioners thus far.


Lil C busy with his references:



Between the carefully coiffed and bleached blond hair that's meticulously wrapped up, the fake eyelashes, the cultivated eyebrows, the tan, and the heaps of makeup, this is easily the porniest girl ever to have auditioned on SYTYCD. And you know what? She got a ticket to Vegas, where, come to think of it, she'll probably fit in beautifully.


Seriously, Cat's ready to club that poor unsuspecting girl to death there -- she doesn't have the benefit of PERSPECTIVE that we do.

Indie rating: Zoe Keating - "Fern"


momo said...

Cat has some moves! she lied about not being able to dance.
But did you not think Jacob Karr was remarkable? seriously, he is an amazing dancer. check out his audition again.

Legacy McNulty? LOL

Leee said...

Sadly, Jacob did little for me, but almost no one is really moving me this time around. I sense my aesthetic priorities shifting towards narrative once again.