Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making Up For Lazy SYTYCD Blogging

It's not a season of SYTYCD if someone, at some moment, doesn't dance like a Muppet:

I would be all in for loving Lauren if I could be sure that she's not saying something derogatory about dancing "with Koreans half the time." Please someone translate her for me.

About the Wade (and at this point, I should know better and say "Wade and Amanda") and Amanda routine: Robert was front and center, which would've been inexplicable or conspicuous if not for the fact that he took to Robsonism like a duck to water. In my mind, Wade/Amanda pieces are at their best when they feature awkward flair, which can look merely awkward unless the dancer commits and embraces the oddity. Billy was also exquisite, but Robert gave him a run for his money.


Hahahahaha right where Neil belongs: in the back, serving the tea.

And a helpful note to all of the non-Melinda girls in the competition: If perchance you are at the top of a staircase, make sure that Melinda is in front of you (NSFW). To borrow a Cat-ism (Cat-echism?), I mean, really:

Before the season, I predicted that ballroom numbers with the All-Stars would be a profound success, but I can't in good faith say that the one with Cristina, Anya, and Pasha was as good as it could be. To be sure, it was fantastic, but it didn't reflect well on Cristina -- putting her side-by-side with Anya highlighted how much room for improvement Cristina has before she's as fierce as the Russian.

I won't say anything disparaging about St. Vincent this time -- I'd always assumed that she was cut from the same cloth as Feist, no idea where that came from -- only that she signals that Travis probably read Pitchfork, in which case I dread the routine where he drags out the Radiohead.


The Robots said...

St. Vincent's album, Actor, was last year's album of the year for me. So twisted/picturesque.

I'm not sure, but I think I came across a post of yours whose indie rating was her song "The Strangers." :)

Sara said...

Huhhh....I'm pretty sure Lauren says "curtains" as demonstrated by her flailing over her and because her complaint was lack of space.

Leee said...

Sara, thanks! Her accent threw me way off.

Sara said...

No prob!

And by flailing over "her", I meant "them".

Btw, your word verification always comes up with the BEST random word. I always crack up.

Leee said...

The Robots, I'm a Pitchforkian at heart so at some point I'll probably give St. Vincent a spin. And you're probably right that I indie-rated a post with some St. Vincent -- I don't always use songs that I'd actually heard before.

Sara, sure, I'll take credit for that. ^_^

Mooshki said...

I heard "Koreans" at first too. I had to replay it a few times, but I think she said "the cranes." She pointed to some kind of metal rigging at the side of the stage.