Sunday, June 13, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - 7x05 "Meet the Top 10"

Thoughts on the top 10 + 1:

I bet Ashley Galvan got into the Top 11 solely on the basis of the Ashley Rule. She says she's a huge football fan, even though she's from SoCal.

The Gump from Yoknapatawpha has the potential to seriously get on my nerves, but he did crack me up with his "I'm single!" exhortation.

Alexie used to be a Laker Girl, which I shouldn't hold against her but I am a petty man, so here we are. I hope she gets paired with the Gump so that I can concentrate all my annoyance on a single couple.

Oh wait.

Teddy may be long gone, but don't feel sorry for Jose -- he can have still a Pizzaface Party with Billy Bell.

Seriously though: getting onto the show is a one-way ticket to clearing up your complexion.

(Can you tell that I'm jealous?)

Speaking of Billy: contrary to popular belief, he did not contract mono right before season 6 began...

He was turning into a vampire.

Little-known FACT: Lauren is heir to the Frogurtman frozen yogurt empire.

Mark my words: Melinda will reach the final two, at which point she will reveal that she is actually Kathryn with a Botox makeover. (Do you notice how she barely moves her eyebrows or forehead?)

Cristina Santana still has weird shoulders that bug me when she does ballroom.

Adechike has heard all of your artichoke jokes already.

Alex is secretly Canadian. (Ehh, I got nothing.)

Robert is a not-so-secret exhibitionist.

On to the exhibitions:

My favorite Wade, by far, in a long time.

I was thoroughly bored by Travis' routine for Lauren and the Gump (with Mark and Kathryn) since it was clearly indebted to Wade's "Rama Lama Bang Bang," from the ragged Victorian/Edwardian dress to the rigor-tightened joints and exaggerated dandy-esque movements. Really, Travis only changed the music (St. Vincent instead of Roisin Murphy) and the props (umbrellas instead of canes). (By the way, I'd never heard St. Vincent before but it doesn't seem like I've been missing much except her spookily big eyes.) Kent's aerial kick was all right, if I ignore the lack of air he got.

The Broadway? I skipped it after 10 seconds.

The hip-hop routine was kind of anonymous -- I'll just briefly sing the "we need other hip-hop choreographers than SappyCrabs" chorus again -- but there's this one move that Twitch completely owns:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He leans into the move to make it look like he's on a weird conveyor belt. Otherwise Jose seemed to get behind the beat every so often; he had one downrock solo that looked particularly slow.

The ballroom number was smoking, even if Cristina was getting left behind. If I wasn't gay for Pasha before, I am now.

The Mia routine was excellent, though I have to say that Ade got the plum role. Still, her "Three Ages of Man" tableau at the end was overly literal.

The last group number helped me realize that I've never categorically loved any routine Sonya's put together; in fact, I like her musical choices more than her choreography. Oh, and Neil remains a tedious hack.


dixly said...

Oh my....sounds like you didn't like much about the show!

Leee said...

You're right, I didn't like it much; sometimes it was the fault of the dancers (Jose :\), but more often it was the choreographers, I think, that just didn't engage me.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on St. Vincent after just one song. Her second Album is much less generic and she's one hell of a live performer.