Monday, September 27, 2010

The Amazing Race - 17x01 "They Don't Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin!"


I've always had trouble telling apart the same-gender teams. For instance, Dustin and Kandice, better known as the Beauty Queens, were indistinguishable from each other to my eyes for a season and a half -- and they are my favorite team ever. Similarly, the former NFL cheerleaders from two seasons ago -- one of them was a raving ugly American, her partner by contrast was subdued to the point of invisibility, and I still couldn't associate their individual names with their faces.

Strangely, though, with this season, I can't tell any of the heterosexual/dating couples apart. Of course I can tell the guy from the girl, but sorting out one dating couple from another was a huge ordeal for me last night. (OK, Team Ink is standing out for 1. being tatted head to toe, and 2. being breathtakingly dumb.) It surely didn't help that the all the guys were type A's, quick to denigrate their partners. One of them is named Chad, incidentally, which is not far from Choad, which could turn out to be a handy mnemonic device if not for the fact that all these guys are choads.

I wanted to like the Beach Volleyball team, but despite being ladies, they've got all the hallmarks of classic jocks (I soured on them the second they vituperatively described the Gleeks as nerds).

Andi and Jenna -- the biological mom and daughter meeting for something like the third time ever -- is the domestic voyeurism that makes me intensely uncomfortable. Moreover, they're both clearly feeling each out and as a result they've both been quiet and mousy, which weirdly compounds with the inappropriateness of airing their domestic privacy so publicly into very bad tv.

So I'm left rooting for the Doctors.

I'm deeply disappointed that none of Racers, when they were scaling the castle walls, put those filthy peasants in their collective places with their nasty French behavior.

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