Saturday, September 18, 2010

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 15) - (15x02) "Diane von Furstenberg"

Because I have to say something about my favorite show ever. So... did you hear how this season cycle of ANTM is trying to escape from its reality tv ghetto fabulousness and gain credibility in the high-fashion world? I don't know if Tyra has mentioned yet about the Vogue Italia cover, or the big-name photographers and designers?

Honestly, though, I'm a little wary, on the verge of disappointment, especially with how awkwardly and obviously Tyra is striving to legitimate her show in the fashion industry. Like, the episodes aren't titled after silly quotations from the show anymore, but are simply named after the high-profile guest (e.g. this episode), as if that's a signal honor she's paying to her guests.

More tellingly, however, is that the first episode of the competition shows its social conscience intentions immediately, e.g. Tyra taking on bullying and empowerment. Granted, other cycles often start with a socially conscious episode, but I get the sense that Tyra's making an extra special effort at social conscience to somehow prove that ANTM deserves to be taken seriously (while also extending Tyra's general socio-media agenda of promoting disadvantaged girls so that she can promote herself) with her taking Anamaria to task and eliminating her for the latter's perceived anorexia. Not to say that we won't get trashy melodrama, but if this episode was any indication, I'm afraid that we'll be seeing more and more moralizing from Tyra this cycle, when the real juice of the show is more along the lines of:

Anyway, Lexie was picked on for having "elf ears"? That must have been before Joanna Newsom happened.

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