Monday, March 14, 2011

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 16) - 16x03 "Lori Goldstein"

After Ondrei's sad departure served as a reality check, ANTM got back down to its usual brand of inanity, and I'd like to emphasize how usual it was even allowing for the fact that this was the makeover episode. I mean, is it really a makeover episode if nearly half the girls didn't get makeovers?

I almost wonder if this is some kind of Emperor's New Clothes thing going on, as if Tyra is punking the girls (to continue her hijinks from the first episode) into thinking that they got their fierces on when in fact they got a touch-up here, or some waves there, a-a-and Tyra was specifically planning to give Molly a disastrous weave just so they can style her back to the way she was before and call it a successful makeover. In which case I fully expect Molly to, you know, kill everyone on the show.

On the other hand, we did get the benefit of Alexandria cementing her status as the best villain this show's had in a long time. She combines all of the needy and brittlely arrogant petulance of Erin and Clark with the confrontational excesses of, well, everyone.

I'm actually thrilled that she received the first call-out this episode, because this success can only go to her head, which had better result in more and more delicious fireworks or I will sic Molly on Tyra.


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