Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuff I Forgot To Mention

After all the contemporary routines this season, and in particular Stacey Tookey numbers with a woman and man having relationship issues, you can understand why the following completely slipped my mind in my previous recap:

Jess and All-Star Kathryn - Contemporary (chor. Stacey Tookey)
Watching this while trying to forget the surfeit of similarly toned numbers, I have to say that Jess is showing something worth noticing (I don't even want to say "improvement," as I want to avoid validating all the "growth" folderol as much as possible). He'll never be mistaken for Ade in the lifts department, but everything he does is tight and well-controlled. If he keeps it up, he'll be poised to be eliminated in the top 4.

I think that my animus towards Neil Patrick Harris (unlike Cat, I did not crush on him during Doogie Howser, MD) was because of his remarks to Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo: "This is the first time in the history of any seasons of the show that I would like to learn the Argentinian [sic] tango." Either he didn't watch season 5, or he's blind. (Personally speaking, that was when I decided to learn the Argentine tango/take up ballroom dance.)

Okaaay, I just realized something funny and completely random. In the Top 10 Result show, Melanie is totally recycling the SYTYCD wardrobe.

I'm pretty sure Caitlin Kinney wore that golden teddy for her Top 12 Contemporary routine with Jason in Season 5.
... this is why I expect you to link everything.

I needed Ricky to dig much deeper and grab that thing by the horns so he could match Allison's brilliancy. But that ending? OMG, that ending.
Who'd have thought that we'd be missing Kupono, of all people? But yeah, the ending is absolutely frightening (spoken as a compliment).

By the way, I fixed the final Nigel punchline to the previous post, so peep it again if I left you scratching your head. (Sigh to having to direct people to getting your jokes...)


Sara said...

To clarify something...

I have a life outside SYTYCD.

Just thought everybody should know. Thank you.

momo said...

Once the producers started editing out his gushy motor-mouth tendency, and he learned a little more about stage presence in between the dances (no open-mouth panting after a dance on TV!) Jess's qualities as a dancer could take the spotlight. I'm enjoying his performances.

I took a lot of ARgentine tango lessons at one point, but couldn't use them socially in the local AT scene because the timing never worked with my family responsibilties. I am left with AT envy. Some day I'll get back to it, because it is such an amazing lead-follow experience! Yeah, the performance stuff is great, but it's really a dance of connection. Why I also liked the lindy so much. Gawd, I miss dancing!