Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SYTYCD Top 8 Perform Open Thread

I hope that Sasha draws Pasha so that I can call them "Psasha."


Amanda said...


Sara said...

Wow, you so smart!

Okay, I love Melanie, I do. But seriously, another contemporary? Really? Guys, please...

If there's anyone I'd like to be, for even just a day, it'd be Allison. She dances like she's been turned inside out. I'm seeing her soul and not her body.

Amanda said...

I agree about Melanie and the contemporary. I'm surprised the judges haven't mentioned it, except that they probably don't want to bait the bears who'd claim that it's all fixed. But here are Melanie's and Sasha's dance genres by week (per Wikipedia:

Week 1: Contemporary
Week 2: Jazz
Week 3: Hip-hop
Week 4: Jazz
Week 5: Tango, Contemporary
Week 6: Viennese Waltz
Week 7: Contemporary, Jazz

Week 1: Contemporary
Week 2: Hip-hop
Week 3: Contemporary
Week 4: Hip-hop
Week 5: Paso Doble, Jazz
Week 6: Hip-hop
Week 7: Quickstep, Jazz

Huh, I hadn't realized Sasha had hip-hope so often. I guess the difference isn't that bad. Melanie has had Contemporary three times and Jazz (which is very similar) three times, whereas Sasha has had Contemporary twice and Jazz twice.

Still. I'm rooting for Sasha to win. Also, I hope Ricky and Caitlynne go home this week and that Jess and Jordan go home next week. I want Tadd to make it into the top four, though man, I felt bad for him when he lost his hat.

Sara said...

though man, I felt bad for him when he lost his hat.

I know! But he kept going. It was awkward, of course. But he kept going!

One thing that I actually realized was that if his partner had been, let's say, Lauren G or Allison, with their level of maturity and performance, they'd probably lose the hat on purpose once they saw that Tadd had dropped it. You could see that Lauren F was very much aware of it but didn't do a thing about it.

Or maybe I'm just putting too much faith on past contestants? I don't know.

I think Caitlynn actually deserves to stay one week longer. I've disliked Jordan since the very first time she set a foot on the audition stage.

As I said, my Top 2 girls are set, Melanie and Sasha. The boys, I'm leaning towards Marko and Tadd.

And am I the only one that didn't think Melanie and Sasha's jazz was THAT awesome? It was good yes, but I kept wanting them to hit even harder. The ending was dope, though.

What is it with endings this season?

Leee said...

Amanda, I think I'll try to tabulate the styles for each of the top 8 dancers and see if the lack of diversity is for real -- I suspect it is, both with Melanie and Sasha as you point out, and with Tadd pulling so many ballrooms.

Amanda said...

am I the only one that didn't think Melanie and Sasha's jazz was THAT awesome?

No, you're not!! I didn't think it was that great at all, though granted I'm a sucker for a story, and that of course had none. Sheer abstraction, and I can recognize the standard Sonya Tayeh moves from a mile away. I thought Melanie looked awkward doing that crab walk, and there's a moment near the end where Sasha visibly fucks up and has to hurry to get back into it with Melanie.

I did like it better the second time I watched it.

Also, is it just me, or is Sasha actually the Dancer Most Likely to Actually Fuck Up Moves? There was that screwed-up ending to that "That's Life" number with Alex, and there was clearly something wrong at the end of her quickstep with Pasha, and as I said if you watch the end of her routine with Melanie you can see get out of sync and have to catch up. I still love her, mind you, and I actually think that it's probably a tradeoff you make for the kind of expressiveness she has. When you get really into something, you can forget the actual mechanics of it too easily.

Good point about Lauren F. and the hat loss, too. I was actually thinking that Tadd should've made more of a joke out of it than he did -- he's good at that. His face so clearly said "Oh, FUCK" for the rest of the dance, whereas he could've made it all goofy that he was pretending to raise and lower a non-existent hat and so on.

I'm sure he thought of that himself five seconds after the dance ended, of course.

His going on with it was less impressive than Ellenore's going on with that gorgeous tango with her heel caught in her dress, because on some level I do blame him a little for losing the hat. But I still hope Tadd makes the top four and that Ricky goes home next week -- I adore Tadd.

Although, as usual, I think Nigel's probably SO wrong that Tadd has never done choreography. That's obviously bullshit.