Wednesday, June 16, 2004

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 1) - "The Girl Is Here To Win, Not Make Friends"

Delightful cattiness! And thank god for ANTM, otherwise I'd have to write about commercials!

Robin is simply stupid. First, God is not in the business of direct assistance -- any strength or confidence or whatever one finds will have to come from oneself. Does Robin so lack initiative that she needs handouts from the Big Cheese? And to top off her miscomprehension of religion/God (look at me, the agnost pretending like he's all up in YHWH's piece!), she said it was "awesome" because God "already knew" the winner of the competition. COWABUNGA!

Not like I needed a reminder of why I hated Robin.

(Nb. "Foolish is the man who says there is no God" [emphasis added] -- for someone who has all the earmarks of a literalist, Robin erred in attributing this passage to THE ELYSE, since after all, androgynous Stuff shoot in all, she's hardly a guy.)

Bizarre that all the other contestants write Giselle off as being a self-esteem case because I have her down as a princess who's had it her way forever, though of course that the one probably contributes to the other in this case. Her comment that she felt outraged at THE ELYSE's putative indifference to the modeling concept smacked of righteous entitlement.


Her devout atheism (referring to the Bible in scatological terms) is not a whole lot better in my estimation than literalist religiosity -- though I have to note that really my opinion is informed as a slippery agnost, and that since she's hot and INDIE I'm going to overlook this particular shortcoming.

I'm espcially willing to cut her that much slack (not just because it's really not a big deal for me) because of how aware she is about the absurdity/inanity of the ANTM environment. While I'm all about trashy reality tv, it's probably a good idea to have occasional grounding (wrapped up in CUTEY-SHORTY-WAVEY hair no less) in less dolled up and affected "reality," that the "reality" presented in ANTM and all shows of this genre are heavily mediated through narratorially arbitrary decisions (though of course all realities are governed by a certain set (or sets) or perception).

And I swear, I think she wore a shirt with the Linux penguin on the front during the mock fashion show.

And one of THE ELYSE's favorite publications is JAMA! ~*swoon*~


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