Friday, June 18, 2004


Yes! It's about time I implemented something so gimmicky. Me, being the paragon of the indie ethos, shall award this esteemed feature upon whom or what I see fit every Friday while I'm bored busy at work.

And of course, whom better to receive the inaugural IMOTW honor than the original tv indieist, Elyse Sewell (aka That Girl From That Show Dating That Guy From The Shins), for this Cycle's second episode, "A Question of Sexy"! (So it's a rerun of America's Next Top Model, there's not a whole lot out there right now.)

The criterion: just one of her many denunciations of the "vapid" nature of her housemates -- in other words, Elyse was complaining that the other girls weren't keeping it real nor were they very sincere and authentic. GET IT, THIS IS MODELING, WHICH IS ABOUT SURFACES, AND THEY'RE ALL TALKING ABOUT SUPERFICIAL GIRL-THINGS! PEOPLE WHO AREN'T INDIE = NOT WORTH ELYSE'S TIME EXCEPT FOR A VERBAL DRUBBING.

Oh, and for that shirt that had what I'm positive was the Linux penguin on the front. (Linux, in this equation, being indie geek.)

Elyse's indie-cred: intact!

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