Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24 - 5x11 "5 P.M. - 6 P.M.", 5x12 "6 P.M. - 7 P.M."


Double-header action! Or, in with the old, out with the Toad.

Start 'em
Jack Bauer - Just like perennial all-star Chloe, Jack's been in a slump himself, but Jack-in-a-slump is still better than Buchanan on his best day. Nevertheless, he hasn't killed anyone in almost two episodes. So in an effort to get back on track, Jack has taken to terrorizing housewives and shooting them above their kneecaps.

Evelyn - In an episode that saw Kim's long-awaited return to action, the under-appreciated Evelyn stepped up her level of play and is setting the table for a head-to-head hottie match-up. Even if she was buffeted by Martha Logan's zone scheme, her defense and off-the-ball denial shut down President Logan and is worth limited playing time.

Chloe O'Brian - Jack: "Can you hack into Henderson's computer?" Chloe: "I already did." Not a spectacular performance, but efficient enough to bring her back into starting prominence for the week. Patience: proven players are entitled to their rough patches.

Rudy Hobbitt - Yes, that's right. The most ineffective Division chief since Ryan Chappelle still has some usefulness left. Looking at the history of bosses who've made serious, game-changing errors, they always rally back with a solid game before exiting for good.

Kim Bauer - With CTU devastated by the injury bug, Kim seems primed for extensive analyst duties. And judging from the situation -- sealed in a room where presumably no large cats or skeevy survivalists can get in -- all I see is upside.

Martha Logan - She seems to alternate between good nights and bad nights, but she's been quiet for the past two or three episodes, so the thinking is that she's due for a big game or even, god willing, an extended hot streak.

Bench 'em
Chris Henderson - He's the toughest call this week. On the one hand, his house is on Terrorwood Drive, and he more or less called Jack's bluff when Mr. Invincible threatened to shoot his wife's leg again. On the other hand, being in CTU custody and comatose to boot will probably hamper Henderson's production, even if it means he'll be able to hold out his information longer.

Bill Buchanan - He was certainly off his game this week when he lost out on points when he couldn't lie about Michelle convincingly to Tony.

Tony Almeida - He admitted that he was playing at far less than 100%. But he might be overstating his injury -- the soul patch looked in top shape from here. Still, you'll want to give him another week to recover, unless there's doubleheader action again.

Drop 'em
Edgar Stiles - It's fitting that the night he kicks off is the most he's ever moved on his feet.

Waiver Wire
Barry Landes - Every team should have a good rebounder.

President Logan - Evelyn showed more deference to a dead guy than she did to the POTUS. His longterm outlook appears dire.

Vice President "Leland" Gardner - The outrageous plan he offered to the POTUS was so malicious, you'd wonder if he was possessed by BOB. Keep Kim and Evelyn away from him.

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