Tuesday, April 04, 2006

24 - 5x16 "10 P.M. - 11 P.M."


Start 'em
Jack Bauer - A simple but effective episode for Jack with his game-high 5 Ks (confirmed Kills).

Evelyn Martin - I've been a longtime proponent of Evelyn, and now she's proven to be more than just a pretty face. She's gotten herself into the middle of the current plot, on top of which she added another facial expression to her repertoire: In addition to po-faced absurdity, she can now smile in brief spurts. She also showed growing maturity by Sticking to the Plan and sustaining a non-fatal injury, which for non-Jack players has been a minor miracle this season. Plus, she finally received a last name.

Amy Martin - You did so well, sweetheart! You made mommy proud! Translation: Amy is one of those rare non-annoying kids.

Wayne Palmer - Apparently there can only be one Action Brother at a time on 24; Curtis was held scoreless this episode while Wayne Palmer logged 2 Ks. And unlike "Get It Done" Jack, Wayne showed tremendous class by not shooting his first kill in the back.

Chloe O'Brian - A quiet but effective episode for our favorite snark. Audrey knew what an important commodity Chloe represents, and now, Homeland knows it too. Add to that Chloe's 1 Rolleyes and the moment when she ditched Homeland Officer Valerie in the middle of a systems transfer or whatnot.

Audrey Raines - I suppose that having a "working relationship" with Chloe counts for something, even if there's nothing euphemestic about it.

President Logan - No wonder all the blunders -- he's the ultimate Terror Big Cheese.

Bench 'em
Vladimir Bierko - In keeping with 24 villain tradition, Bierko bombed out after breaking out with his best performance. Oh, the indignity of being carried out by Jack, though Bad Vlad tried to rally when he nearly got Jack to give him mouth-to-mouth.

Chris Henderson - His longterm value has also plumetted, since he's not the true Terror Overlord either. What's more, his -1 K (running over his own man) and his (possibly) bungling the child-for-evidence exchange diminish his worth despite his escape(s).

Vice President Gardner - So BOB did not appear when Wayne Palmer and the VP bumped into each other. Still, seeing that he's on the level (in a very incompetent way) makes him a less compelling player. And what was up with his eulogy to David Palmer? Do people really talk like that when there aren't cameras around?

Drop 'em
Miles Papazian - The obsequiousness of this guy...! The condescending way he bent forward to talk to Audrey...! If ever there was a perfect candidate for a crotch-chop, he's the man.

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