Thursday, April 06, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - 6x06 "The Girl With Two Bad Takes"

Is Jade an entertaining villain? I'm having a hard time seeing that since her facade ("What's a facade?") of superiority is so easily undermined by Tyra. Jade is too vulnerable to fully hate, and in fact some people feel sorry for her -- though me, not so much. Simple as that, and I'll leave it at that (maybe I should be as mentally drained as I am right now with the wonders it does for my concision).

In other news, Sara reacts to her future as a character from Final Fantasy X-2:
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So I got to listen to a brief phone conference with Mollie Sue, whose premature departure smacks of reality tv producer meddling. Being typed as the Boring One means that your narrative threads are supposed to be boring, too, and that you're expendable, while Stank Divas are too entertaining to let go soon, and Shy Girls are fun to ridicule.

Anyway, since Mollie Sue pretty much rocked the Nick Cannon challenge -- if Furonda hadn't been there to smoke the mic, Mollie Sue would've won in a walk -- so the "no personality" criticism is in a way unfounded. But, in the conference, she admitted that being in front of THE TYRA was intimidating, which is as good a reason for freezing up in panel as any.

Also, she's an indie rock chick, and she dropped some bands that I'd never heard of before. So her indie quotient is currently through the roof. Man, what could've been!

Indie rating: Solex - "Snappy & Cocky"

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