Thursday, April 06, 2006

Survivor: Panama - Exile Islands - 12x08 "The Power of the Idol"

Wha' happened?

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So Bruce and Danielle didn't flip obviously, and I'm assuming that Austin was given the mini-Idol just in case, but that if he had used it, Terry wouldn't have been able to hold any leverage over Danielle. This explanation is the only thing I can think of for why La Mina wasn't able to win tonight's vote. Furthermore, the awkward hug Austin gave to Terry when Austin got voted out might've been an opportunity to return the idol. But that doesn't exactly make sense, since Austin should be in the game to win. Wha' happened?

Unless my previous theory really is true: Terry is trying to stack the jury with his people and he intends to go on a furious run of Immunity winning. Otherwise: Wha' happened??

(There was one "Eww" moment with Danielle and her enhanced cleavage: when she was carrying the coconuts, you could've seen her stretch marks from Pulau Tiga. Gross.)

But whatever. I have to give props to the producers for making the possibility of a La Mina overthrow seem likely -- I don't think my heart has ever pounded as hard for such an episode whose end vote was pretty much determined three weeks ago.

Which of course makes likely Sally's boot off next week bittersweet, especially since she showed off some serious skills in the immunity challenge, which I think she allowed Terry to win, no less!

Indie rating: Solex - "When Solex Just Stood There"

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