Wednesday, April 12, 2006

24 - 5x17 "11 P.M. - 12 A.M."


Start 'em
Chloe O'Brian - "Chloe, do you have a minute?" "NO." I for one would be willing to pay -- yes, PAY -- for Chloe's report on the details of her trip to the restroom. And did you notice her login name in the server room? "Chloe O"? Am I the only one picturing a future Yeah Yeah Yeahs collaboration?

Jack Bauer - Although he was back to his civilian-threatening ways and he logged two more Ks (kills), he made a two game-costing errors for a total of 3 turnovers. First, he left Evelyn alone, which probably cost her and Amy's lives. Second, Jack is showing signs that he's probably on the downwind side of the hill now: it was once a good idea for a character to "take my chances" with Jack, but now he can't hold onto anybody anymore. While he's still an effective offensive weapon, he's become a defensive liability in the field. All that's left for him is to have Pedro Gomez follow him around, and to have a performance-enhancing drug controversy.

Chris Henderson - Robocop put up eerily similar numbers to Jack last night: 2 Ks (though with an additional 2 IKs (Implied Kills) offscreen: Evelyn and Amy), 3 assists (his goons took out Mossman and two cops), and 4 turnovers (his dead goons). Let's not forget that both guys are in their own ways ex-CTU and are familiar with working outside of regulatory conventions.

Audrey Raines - Surprisingly effective -- I was all ready to expect her to trip over her Homeland tails the moment she stepped outside of CTU. Then again, how can anyone look ineffective when she's got Chloe talking her through bugsweeps and disabling satellites?

Drop 'em
Evelyn Martin - She tried to play through her injury and forego medical attention, but as was expected by veteran analysts, it became a season-ending injury instead. Early on, she showed her potential lack of toughness when she cried out in pain when Jack ripped her pants to get a look at the wound. Pff, women! Am I right guys?

Amy Martin - I spoke too soon about her not being an annoying kid.

Waiver Wire
911 dispatcher - Dispatcher don't normally ask for the last names of callers, so she was obviously working with Henderson. An intriguing short-term add.

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