Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Amazing Race - 9x10 "Man, They Should Have Used Their Fake Names"

Apologies for the long delay (as if anyone was actually upset at the delay), but I've been having trouble with VirtualDub, the once handy-dandy program I used to make those nifty video clips of Eric and Jeremy acting homosexually straight.

Anyway, they all went to Darwin, Australia, which Phil explained is named after Charles Darwin. Good thing he told me, saved me the embarrassment of going on about Danny Darwin.

Yolanda has become the most quotable non-Shaggy Racer on the show. As though to make up for Ray's Boring Man routine, she was on fire this episode. "It does take time to understand that, 'Oh, that's the noise he makes when he brushes his teeth.'"

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Though on the subject of Ray and how little he talks, perhaps he's too busy primping for the camera to be as chatty as Yolanda.

Then after Ray's tandem parachute jump, she cooed, "Oh, it's so sweet. He's holding you and everything." And his response?

And of course, Ray and Yolanda's coup-de-grace. So if the Hippies don't win this thing, RaYo are my new team.

As for the Hippies, they seemed to get too caught up in their feud with JoMo and lost focus on, you know, not coming in last place. But rather than worry about BJ's inexplicable decision to run down rocks instead of taking the bridge, I'll instead wonder if the producers are pulling serious strings to keep the Hippies on the show.

And lastly before this entry goes to homoerotic innuendo, some JoMo fun.

Ray said the crocs might choke if they eat Mo, since "it's like eating a plastic Barbie doll."

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Looks real to me.

JoMo try to bribe an airline ticket guy with a big kiss from Mo.
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Ticket guy, who incidentally is Frank Miller, is not having any of that.
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Mo pouts.
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The Eric/Jeremy SLASH WATCH
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More like "Friends... with privileges."

Eric on his and Jeremy's kinky ménage. Um, TMI?

Jeremy encourages Eric during the tandem parachute jump. Probably pissed that Eric is trying to move in on Joseph without him.

Eric/Jeremy talk about their difficulty in finding a cab after canceling the cabs of RaYo and the Hips.

Of course, what most of us didn't know was that Karma is the working name of a strapping Australian lad they met the night before.

Indie rating: Solex - "There's a Solex on the Run"

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