Sunday, May 14, 2006

24 - 5x21 "3 A.M. - 4 A.M."

YOU HAVE MY WORD! 24 Fantasy League Analysis
As 24 has aged through its ups (first half of season 1, second half of season 2, and whatever episode where a woman gets punched) and downs (all of season 3), the show is steadily becoming more like Alias, its fellow implausible spy show that debuted in 2001. But where Alias's implausibility has finally sapped the patience from its viewers, 24 has solidified itself as a hit even as it has been gradually stealing Alias's inability to delay gratification.

Case in point: when Logan pulls out the cherrywood case, oh gee what could it be now that he has like only one thing left to do, the episode undercuts any possible suspense that it could've garnered and shows the gun. "Eh, whatever," you might say. But then Logan goes to Martha and says vaguely suicidal goodbyes before finally squirelling himself in his office with the gun to his head. And now is where I say: What kind of storytelling is that?

Yet strangely, this episode was the most enjoyable of the season. Go figure.

Anyway, the fantasy stuff.

Martha Logan - "If I weren't horrified by the fact that I'm married to you, I might actually be impressed."

Vladimir Bierko - Bad Vlad may not have had a speaking role, but his silence and his meaningful nods to more CTU/Homeland moles (I swear I saw Bierko nod to the guard sitting next to him and get a response too) speak volumes. Get ready for playoff havoc!

Curtis Manning - If he couldn't be the show's token Black Action Hero, then Curtis at least showcased his ability to speak.

Miles Papazian - So Karen Hughes kept him out of the loop and now he's dialing up his inner brat and crying all the way to Logan. Real mature way to steal Karen back from Buchanan's shoulder-touching mitts.

Chloe O'Brian - How could Chloe be so Mickey Mouse that she let Miles erase the tape?

Charles Logan - That was some of the worst perimeter defense I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing. But I suppose I've got to admire Logan for being able to survive so long in the dregs of the show without letting his ineptitude kill him once and for all. Still, he has almost no worth to either the Good Guys or the Bad Guys; too stupid to be a Good Guy, and too much of a toolish pawn to be a credible Bad Guy.

Scott Evans - If you're going to make it in the Big Leagues, you don't say "I can't do it!" to Jack.

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